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  • Experienced managements.
  • Strong client base.
  • Tri-State areas footprint.
  • Value added services opportunity for your client.
  • Experienced staff and management team.
  • Uphold a strong reputation in the marketplace.


AQM can provide qualified and experienced technicians and engineers to monitor your project from its design stage to completion, to ensure that quality is not compromised and that it conforms with design specifications and relevant codes.

Our Services


  • Concrete slab studies.
  • Building facade and parapet inspections.
  • Water and air infiltration studies.
  • Load testing of floors, balconies, fire escapes.
  • Mortar composition analysis.
  • Chloride analysis and petrographic studies of hardened concrete.
  • Freeze - Thaw durability test.
  • High purity fabrication shop inspection and review.



  • Composite piping, concrete and metal failure analysis.
  • Non destructive examinations by UT, PT and MT methods.
  • foundation investigations.
  • Study and measurement of corrosion of structural steel.
  • Mortar composition analysis.
  • structural investigations of existing structures.
  • Rebar location, sizing and depth by NDE methods.
  • Bond testing of masonry patches, membrane of other applied coverings.

since project's quality control is essential, we at AQM make the deference before, during and after construction.

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