Analytical quality & monitoring Services, Inc. (AQM), a New Jersey Corporation, was founded in 1994 by Freddie Shivdat in order to take advantage of the inherent growth opportunity in the construction profesionals within the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania areas.


AQM clients include the leading real state developers, engineers, architects, contractors and construction managers in public and private sector. the Company's services range from failure analysis of exiting construction and material, examinations and testing of new construction work and building materials and monitoring and documentation of pharmaceutical and power piping projects.


AQM services include testing of soil, concrete, welds and critical (failure analysis) testing of mortars, metals, soil to name few.


AQM utilizes state of the art equipment in ultrasonic weld and steel examinations, non-destructive testing of concrete, strain analysis of members, torque verification of bolds location of buried objects in concrete and in-site testing of anchors and embedded parts in concrete.


AQM is recognized as a pioneer and industry leader for the investment it makes in its personnel.


AQM Consultants receive formal education and specialize training in specific areas of expertise including american Welding Society's Certified Welders Inspectors (CWI) program.


AQM staff and management are qualified and experienced in testing and examinations of soil, concrete, asphalt, pavement, reinforcing steel bars, structural steel, roof membrane installation, building facade, parapets, windows, curtain walls, precast panels, existing structure evaluations and investigations.



Freddie D Shivdat.


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