We at Analytical quality & monitoring Services, Inc. (AQM), provide construction and material testing to the design and construction professionals within the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania areas.


Our clients include the leaders in public and private sector owners and property managers, who retain us directly, or through their architects or engineers. Our scope of services range from failure analysis of exiting construction and materials to the examination and testing of new construction work and building materials.


Our laboratory services include testing of soil, concrete, welds and host of more critical testing methods.

our field equipment are all up to date models in ultrasonic weld and steel examinations, non-destructive testing of concrete, strain analysis of members, torque verification of bolds and hydraulic tensile in-site testing of anchors and embedments.


Our staff and management are qualified and experienced in testing and examinations of soil, concrete, asphalt, pavement, reinforcing steel bars, structural steel, roof membrane installation, building facade, parapets, windows, curtain walls, precast panels, existing structure evaluations and investigations.


Our piping and QA/QC department boasts to be the leaders in documenting, punch-listing and preparing final P&ID test packages for piping system in the pharmaceutical, petrol-chemical power generation industries.


We hope that you will call us for any testing, inspection and examination you may require on your new or exiting construction projects. should you have any questions, or need us to provide a price quote for your project, please do not hesitate to contact us. thank you for your time and consideration



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